About us

OmniCarservice was launched in 2020 as Denmark’s first mobile car service fleet. We have since serviced more than 10,000 automobiles and have grown our fleet of service vans from 2 to 14 in only 24 months.

Our history

We have developed an industry leading back-end IT system that is a foundation for growth going forward. Our technology enables a high level of efficiency for operations that will provide enormous scalability in the years ahead. Our unique platform offers customers a transparent and simple online experience with a real time price generator. Additionally, we have developed internal tools including a CRM system, geo-planning software, and an automated parts ordering system which all interconnect across a platform that ensures we are operating at a maximum level of utilization.

Omnicar is focused on achieving operating profitability in 2023 while continuing to expand our total addressable market via partnerships which will allow for the introduction of our services into new markets. Our service fleet of vans will also continue to increase from its current base of 14 as adoption of our services scales in the months ahead.

Our concept

In 2020, we launched OmniCarservice as part of our strategy to transform the way people service their automobiles via utilizing our fleet of mobile service vans. We have since grown our fleet from 2 vans at the onset to 14 by the end of 2022. Over that span, we have serviced over 10,000 automobiles with a customer rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot.

We strive to be your convenient car partner for life.

2023 Strategic Goals

  1. We are building a more lean and efficient organization with a focus on achieving operating profitability in the year ahead.
  2. We’ll continue to expand our existing and growing mobile car service business adding more service vans every month throughout 2022.
  3. We are strategically adding partners to expand our total addressable market across regions beyond Denmark. Our current partners, such as Xpeng Motors, is representative of the opportunities we continue to explore.

“The auto industry will change more in next five years than prior 50”

Dan Ammann
President, General Motors Company