End to end, and everything in between

Today Omnicar proudly capitalises on convenience, offering our growing customer base a bespoke online experience with unrivalled services that are already disrupting the old ways of buying, selling, owning and even servicing cars. So, whether our customers are looking to buy or sell a green vehicle, or they are looking for help financing, navigating charging-infrastructures,
ordering home-based vehicle services and everything in between, we are here to make the experience easier and more convenient for them.

Why Omnicar succeeds

OMNICAR is beyond proof of business. During 2023 we will reach profitability and a total revenue surpassing SEK 500 mill ++. For 2022 we will reach a revenue of SEK 140 mill ++. With our Q2 performance we are on track with our 2022 revenue target. During the recent 2 years we have met all our revenue targets. Here in 2022 we will also launch our services in Sweden.


Almost 3 million private cars are driving on the roads in Denmark. That equals a total service market at DKK 15 billion. 50% of all new cars sold in Denmark are e-cars. In total around 700,000 cars change ownership every year in Denmark.


A well-timed disruption of the car service market and highly positive customer feedback – the best in the entire car service industry based on more than 1.200 reviews – is driving our national roll-out. We currently have 15 Vans, and will be adding more vans to the range every month in 2022. Our Q2/22 revenue (SEK 21,2 mill) has outperformed our total revenue in 2021.


The problems and opportunities faced by dealers and importers across brands and geographies are largely the same. Used car dealers and workshops lack utilizing IT to create lean and cost saving organizations. Omnicar’s legacy with our strong background with software, sales and marketing has enabled us to implement IT solutions that cuts our staff cost with 50% compared to industry standards.

Claus T. Hansen, Chairman of the board

“As an investor, we enable you to bring your financial investments into harmony with your conscience and your values“ Litaquae res ped quis sam repra voloreh eneste nes essi in nus as sitatquo.

170% revenue growth on service business from Q1 2021 – Q1 2022

More than 6,500 vehicles serviced

Denmark’s best workshop (based on more than 1,600 ratings)

“The auto industry will change more in next five years than prior 50”

Dan Ammann
President, General Motors Company