Launching Denmark’s first mobile car service
Omnicarservice was launched on Oct. 2020 as DK’s first mobile car service. One year later, we’ve serviced 3500+ cars with a rapidly growing customer base.

A year of growth driven by customer demand
A well-timed disruption of the car service market and highly positive customer feedback – the best in the entire car service industry – is driving our national roll-out. We are currently 7 Vans, and will be adding more vans to the range every month in 2022.

A tech company in the auto business
During 2021 we’ve developed an industry leading backend IT system that enables us to punch above our weight for more than a decade of growth. We’ve developed a unique real-time offer generator, a CRM system, a geo-planning tool and an automated parts ordering system – and they all interconnect. It will cut cost, make the salesfunnel better and offer a unique on-point customer experience.

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Purely green online car sales
With Omnicarsales we are expanding into used car sales – a market in rapidly growth. “Used auto sites have worldwide raised 6bn USD in first half of 2021”

Importantly, an established Omnicarservice business with customer volume will offer an ideal platform to introduce Omnicarsales.

The concept of OmnicarSales is as follows:

WHAT: We sell pre-owned electric-only cars and offer full bundling of all services related to car ownership.

WHERE: On our online platform. We launch in DK in 2022 and expand to 4 markets by 2024.

HOW: We source cars from partners, prepare the car at our ‘OMNICAR Prep Center’ and sell it direct-to-consumer. The platform is NOT a marketplace.

TO: Consumers who want to buy a green car in a seamless way and have full convenience during ownership. The car is delivered directly to their front door. That’s it!

Stock exchange announcements

Information from annual general meeting 2022 in OmniCar Holding AB


Notice of annual general meeting 2022


Omnicar is launching its online sales platform –


Mekonomen Group invests 19 MSEK in Omnicar while the management of Omnicar undertakes to invest an additional 6 MSEK

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