Press release
1. Oktober 2018

Omnicar hit a new monthly revenue high in September and now enters the fourth quarter on a very positive note.
Due to a much more attractive business model, very hard work, improvements of the SAM platform based on ongoing feedback from the customers to the UX and functionalities, Omnicar’s software solution SAM is now considered an important part of the business model of many car dealers and workshops in the Nordics. This means that OmniCar has increased sales significantly, which has resulted in a new monthly revenue record of SEK 1.495 million.

Claus T. Hansen, Group CEO of OmniCar Holding AB says: “We are working very hard every day to reach our goals and are constantly in close dialogue with our customers, so that we can improve their businesses as well as our own business. The feedback we get from our customers is that we have a great concept that is crucial to their future when it comes to keeping and engaging their customers with a solution like SAM. We are very pleased and proud to announce that we have hit a new monthly revenue high.”

”This is a big step towards becoming a profit-making organization in 2019. We have reported significant quarterly growth, and we expect continued bottom line growth going forward. This shows that OmniCar is on the right track.”

Contact Information
For more information about OmniCar Holding AB, please contact

Claus T. Hansen, CEO
Telephone: + 41 79 854 47 69

About Omnicar
The IT company OmniCar has developed a unique software solution called SAM (Service Agreement Management) for vehicle repair shops and car dealers. SAM is a digital tool that is designed to automatically manage future sales and service agreements. SAM helps vehicle repair shops and car dealers to manage and sell far more service contracts than before using customized additional services and subscription-based services that follow each car throughout its lifecycle.