Press release
24 August 2018

The latest car dealer to benefit from OMNICAR’s Service Agreement Management (SAM) solution is the 40-year-old Swedish car dealer and workshop Jarls Bilservice. The company is a specialized BMW and Alpina importer.

Jarls Bilservice, who is one of the leading car dealers in Sweden when it comes to customer satisfaction and customer relation, has chosen OMNICAR SAM to further leverage their position as one of the most popular car dealers in the country. Up until now Jarls Bilservice has not worked with service agreements, but the company sees it as an important tool to work systematically with service and customer loyalty in the near future.

Claus T. Hansen, Group CEO of OMNICAR Holding, says: “Jarls Bilservice is a car dealer with a long tradition of having a customer-oriented mindset. Through our SAM solution we will help Jarls Bilservice to carry on that approach in an easier and more structured manner that will lead to more sales and less administration.”

Contact Information
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Claus T. Hansen, CEO
Telephone: + 41 79 854 47 69

About Jarls Bilservice
Jarls Bilservice, founded in 1978, is a traditional car dealer, who over the years in the industry has gained a solid reputation as both a car dealer and a workshop. Jarls Bilservice is known far and wide throughout the car industry for prioritizing the customer experience and maintaining a family feel.

The IT company OMNICAR has developed a unique software solution called SAM (Service Agreement Manager) for vehicle repair shops and car dealers. SAM is a digital tool that is designed to automatically manage future sales and service agreements. SAM helps vehicle repair shops and car dealers to manage and sell far more service contracts than before using customized additional services and subscription-based services that follow each car throughout its lifecycle.