Omnicar is developing online convience services and efficient, intelligent digital self-service solutions within the car industry. Omnicar is the parent company for the 3 business units: a tailored based dealer management system, a mobile car service and an online sales platform for used “green” cars.

AutoCRM SaaS – Dealer management handling tool

Our cloud-based software solutions represent the greatest profit opportunity available for car dealerships and workshops today. By digitalising and automating the process of selling, creating and administrating tailored subscription-based service agreements, as well as automating extensive email-based customer dialogues that will improve aftermarket sales during the entire car ownership life cycle. The solution is currently used by the some of the biggest car importers in Scandinavia.


With our business unit Omnicarservice we offer the customers at any preferred location to get the car serviced. We will be able to manage around 85% of all repair needs with our mobile workshop fitted with the most advanced tools available. Services are ranging from tire change, service inspections, aircon service and change of mechanical parts. Today, we have achived som of the higest ratings on trustpilot.


Buying a green car online is the new black and we will during the first quarter of 2022 enter the field of selling a used hybrid or electric car. Everything takes places on a new online platform – and the car is delivered at the customer’s doorstep. The customer can choose an all-inclusive-solution covering both financing, insurance, service and everything else but petrol and electricity. OmnicarSales is simply the smart future of getting and driving a hassle and worry free hybrid or electrical car